2020 Outlook: The Year Ahead in Health Law

In healthcare, change is constant. The same can be said for the regulated environment in which the healthcare industry operates. Indeed, in some ways, a shifting legal landscape drives change just as much as scientific or technological innovation. Looking out at the year ahead, Bradley’s Healthcare Practice Group sees significant developments with respect to price transparency, value-based payment initiatives, the interoperability of health information systems, and the fraud and abuse landscape. In some cases, Bradley expects past will be prologue — in all likelihood, some or all of the runners in the Regulatory Sprint to Coordinated Care will cross the finish line, False Claims Act enforcement will remain robust and focused on the healthcare industry, and small tweaks to payment policies will continue to incent the migration of care from inpatient to outpatient settings. Others will follow a path that is decidedly nonlinear — what will come of the Affordable Care Act, what proposals will come out of the election cycle, and so on.

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Source: https://www.bradley.com/-/media/files/insights/publications/2020/hcpg_2020-health-law-outlook_v4_digital.pdf

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