ASCs in 2019: A Year in Review

2019 was another busy year for the healthcare industry full of large-scale transactions aimed at gaining greater vertical and horizontal integration. While the healthcare market as a whole saw mega-mergers in 2019, such as CVS-Aetna and Dignity-CHI, there were no large-scale transactions within the Ambulatory Surgery Center (“ASC”) sub-industry. Despite there being no platform-level transactions within the ASC market in 2019, the fragmented ASC industry continued to consolidate. For ASC’s, several prominent trends continued from 2018 through 2019: the shift of higher acuity procedures from the inpatient setting to the outpatient setting, increased Medicare reimbursement rates, continued consolidation within the ASC sector, and increased activity by hospitals seeking to grow their ambulatory footprint with a particular focus on ASCs.

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