FTC Steps into UPMC-Washington Health System Merger Talks

The Federal Trade Commission is reviewing UPMC’s latest proposed health system acquisition, a development that has derailed similar deals. The FTC has reached out to Allegheny Health Network, Penn Highlands Healthcare and other medical centers for comment on UPMC’s proposed acquisition of Washington Health System as part of a regulatory review that includes the state Attorney General. The FTC has the option — but no mandate — to get involved in hospital mergers and its role in the UPMC-WHS deal comes at a time of escalating consolidation in health care, tighter federal guidelines for anticompetitive behavior and closer scrutiny of mergers.

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Source: https://www.post-gazette.com/business/healthcare-business/2024/01/09/ftc-upmc-washington-health-system-allegheny-health-network/stories/202401090073

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