Hoag Seeks to Reclaim Its Independence from Providence Health

Hoag Founders, the Association of Presbyterian Members and the George Hoag Family Foundation, filed litigation against Providence Health seeking to dissolve the affiliation with Providence. The legal action comes after nearly a year of trying to work with Providence to re-align the parties in a way that guarantees Hoag’s independence and its ability to focus exclusively on Orange County’s needs. Hoag executives said that restored independence will allow Hoag to maintain and strengthen its local identity as Orange County’s most trusted health care network—a reputation it has enjoyed for nearly 70 years, and one that is central to its mission. In 2012, Hoag and St. Joseph Health entered an affiliation with the hope of fundamentally transforming the way health care is delivered in Orange County. However, those plans did not materialize and St. Joseph has since been acquired by Providence Health, a large national health system based in Seattle.

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Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/hoag-seeks-to-reclaim-its-independence-from-providence-health-301052283.html

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