Key 2020 Trends for Payers and Providers

The healthcare industry is set to see a dynamic 2020 as the presidential election approaches, with questions about who will challenge President Donald Trump and whether the call for “Medicare for All” —​ feared by many in the industry — survives the Democratic primaries. No matter who wins the White House come November, healthcare experts say the push to reimburse providers for value and the aim for greater transparency surrounding prices will keep moving ahead. But uncertainty around the fate of the Affordable Care Act and key legal decisions will linger, including whether HHS can require hospitals to reveal negotiated rates and whether insurers are owed billions in the risk corridor case before the U.S. Supreme Court. Consolidation is set to continue with deals already underway, though some expect fewer mega deals and more bolt-on acquisitions and regional tie-ups. Here’s a guide from Healthcare Dive to big themes for the year ahead.

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