Lab Test Volumes up as Providers Begin to Reopen

Even as clinical laboratories have struggled to ramp up COVID-19 test capacity, routine and other testing has fallen off dramatically, leading to recent volume declines of 50% or more for many labs. Some lab management groups said, however, that in the last three weeks they have seen a steady uptick in test volumes among their clients, suggesting that the industry, or at least parts of it, could be moving toward a recovery. Labs began to see a large drop in test volumes in the second half of March as the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic took hold in the U.S. At the beginning of April, Kyle Fetter, executive vice president and general manager of diagnostic services at revenue cycle management and lab informatics firm Xifin, echoed the reference labs’ reports, noting that his firm had seen drops ranging from around 20% to more than 50% depending on the type of testing. Recently, though, Xifin has seen a rise in testing, with, according to the company’s data, volumes beginning to go up again starting the week of April 6 through April 12.

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