M&A Slows for Physician Medical Groups

The Physician Medical Group sector has posted blazing merger and acquisition activity in recent years. Annual deal volume in the sector hit 207 deals in 2017, followed by 253 deals in 2018 and 241 deals in 2019. Enter COVID-19 in 2020. Social distancing is the new norm. Hospitals have been forced to postpone elective surgeries for the foreseeable future, so they and their physician groups are losing much-needed revenue as COVID-19 cases flood emergency rooms and ICUs. Needless to say, many physician practices have had to postpone treatment and delay revenue as patients stay home. All around the country, practices are struggling to stay afloat. Needless to say, Physician Medical Group deals have dried up.

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Source: https://healthcare.levinassociates.com/2020/04/20/ma-slows-for-physician-medical-groups

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