Private Equity in the Age of COVID-19

The effects of the COVID-19 on the healthcare M&A market will be difficult to discern for some time. Dealmaking takes a few months at least, so most announced transactions today were set in motion before the pandemic hit. The first quarter essentially dodged a bullet, but the start of Q2 is a much more precarious situation for investors and private equity. States are eager to loosen social distancing guidelines to boost the economy, but changing the public’s perceived risk of infection might not be so easy, so creating a rebound might prove a significant challenge. Hospitals and providers are still dealing with the flood of COVID-19 patients, cutting off revenues from elective surgery and other procedures. Lawmakers in Washington have promised over $100 billion in emergency funding through the CARES Act, but hospitals claim more is needed. It seems no one can agree on a course in these unchartered waters.

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