The Expansion of Cardiovascular Procedures in the ASC Setting

In recent years, there has been a trend towards the provision of cardiovascular procedures in the outpatient setting and particularly in ambulatory surgery centers (“ASCs”). This trend is in part motivated by the fact that outpatient cardiovascular services, in comparison to cardiovascular services performed on an inpatient basis, tend to be less expensive and offer greater comfort and convenience for patients. As a result of the emphasis on outpatient cardiovascular services, there is growing interest in the development and expansion of cardiovascular programs in ASCs. ASCs are primarily developing cardiovascular programs using two models: (i) a co-management model and (ii) a “hybrid model.” For the co-management model, the ASC contracts with a cardiovascular medical group to develop, implement and manage a cardiovascular program within the ASC facility. The “hybrid model” involves the co-location of a freestanding office-based laboratory, catheterization laboratory or vascular access center within the ASC facility.

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