Upper Valley Orthopedics Joins Madisonhealth

Madisonhealth announced a new addition to its organization on Friday, Upper Valley Orthopedics. “A local clinic renowned for its excellence in musculoskeletal care has joined the Madisonhealth organization, further enhancing our ability to provide expert solutions to the people living in this area,” a statement on the addition said. The addition was effective as of Friday, welcoming Dr. Michael Larson, Dr. Travis Torngren, and Zachery Cleverley, PA-C, and other support staff. The clinic will be a fully-owned subsidiary of Madisonhealth, according to the statement.

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Source: https://www.rexburgstandardjournal.com/news/local/upper-valley-orthopedics-joins-madisonhealth/article_54ad358e-da42-11ee-a2ab-ff2287debf9c.html

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