Where Industrials Meets Healthcare

There’s activity going on at the nexus of healthcare and industrials that’s getting some excited. PE Hub’s Sarah Pringle recently got the chance to catch up with Eric Kanter of Morgan Stanley Capital Partners, who helps lead the firm’s industrials practice. One of two healthcare packaging companies that MSCP backs is Comar, which recently snapped up iMark as part of its effort to build out a platform centered around technically complex capabilities. Speaking to MSCP’s broader interest in healthcare packaging, Kanter told Pringle there are high barriers to entry due to infrastructure requirements, technical know-how and significant cost of failure, as packaging is oftentimes specified into the end product. There are also high shipping costs associated with offshoring, which, he said, “create the ability for domestic US packaging platforms of scale to be built and outperform in the long run.”

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Source: https://link.pehub.com/view/5cffc7063f92a437256327c0bn9rz.cz3/6bccac1c

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