AdventHealth Announces Mobile Mammography

AdventHealth announced today it has signed an agreement for the purchase of all of the assets of Tampa Bay Mobile Mammography, a leading provider of 3D mobile mammography services to over 700 locations in the Tampa Bay and Sarasota areas including schools, government agencies, corporations and health care clinics. The transaction is expected to be complete December 20, 2019, and once official, the mobile service will be part of AdventHealth West Florida Division. The sale includes Tampa Bay Mobile Mammography’s three specialty buses equipped with Hologic 3D Mammography systems. The 3D mammography system offers more clarity regardless of breast size or density, increased comfort and more accuracy in diagnosis, detecting subtle lesions and fine calcifications to help pinpoint cancers early. Tampa Bay Mobile Mammography has screened over 32,000 women in the last five years.

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