Notes on Our Transaction & Insights Platform

Thanks for your interest in our Transaction & Insights platform, a resource that allows you to explore all aspects of healthcare M&A, from key industry trends and market analyses to specific verticals and transaction activity.

Our platform is evolving and has done so over the past 5+ years in which we have been continually adding to it. As such, there are a few developments in how we classify categories and insights that would be worth keeping in mind:

  • Until June 2022, any news that pertained to a specific transaction (e.g. shareholder approval, regulatory sign-off, deal termination, etc.) was listed under the category “Deals.” Since then, we have classified regulatory actions pertaining to specific deals in the “Regulatory” category, and most other actions other than a deal announcement and completion in “News & Trends,” where applicable.
  • Since June 2022, we have also broadened our concept of a deal to include LOIs, including non-binding LOIs, which were previously classified in the “News & Trends” category.
  • Our platform was originally designed to capture only pure M&A deals. However, in keeping with our observations of market trends, we have also expanded our definition of deals to include growth equity, minority stakes, and non-control transactions, each of which was previously either classified in the news category or not covered. We continue to omit financing rounds from our coverage aside from the rare exception in which they have a strong impact on the market or are reflective of a notable wider industry trend.

Our database is limited to transactions with a US element. That could be on the buyer side, the target side, OR a private equity sponsor. (For example, a US-headquartered PE firm’s Canadian portfolio company acquiring a company in Japan would qualify for coverage.)

Finally, we remind that you curating this database is and has been a task performed exclusively by real people – healthcare industry analysts foregoing the use of advanced AI or other technologies. This is the case so as to take advantage of the insights, expertise, and institutional knowledge of our team, led by HCDF founder JC Lupis. We believe that curation is an art form, not a science. However, the human element of our work means that occasionally you may stumble across an error. If so, please let us know! ( We are always iterating and improving and happy to take all manner of feedback.

Thanks again for your interest, and feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions, comments, suggestions, etc. Dive in and enjoy the platform!

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