Apotex Completes Acquisition of Searchlight

Apotex Inc. (“Apotex” or the “Company”) has announced the successful completion of its acquisition of Searchlight Pharma Inc. (“Searchlight”), a leading Canadian specialty innovative branded pharmaceutical company. This acquisition accelerates the company’s growth within the specialty innovative branded pharmaceutical market, reaffirming Apotex’s commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions to patients and consumers around the world. Apotex’s expertise in generic and biosimilar pharmaceuticals, combined with Searchlight’s strong specialty and innovative branded product portfolio, enhances the company’s position as a pharmaceutical powerhouse in Canada.

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Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/apotex-completes-acquisition-of-searchlight-a-leading-canadian-based-specialty-innovative-branded-pharmaceutical-company-302161332.html

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