Evive Acquires Treatment-Guidance Tool WiserTogether

Evive, the leader in enterprise benefits engagement, today announced the acquisition of WiserTogether, a treatment-guidance tool that helps people find the right treatment for them quickly and reliably. Accredited by URAC, WiserTogether provides clinically-verified support to improve health outcomes and reduce medical costs. Evive’s new online treatment-guidance tool will add context-aware intelligence that guides people to the most recommended, effective treatments based on the user’s symptoms, pre-existing conditions, and past medical claims. Users can view patient and physician ratings, estimated costs, and medical evidence behind the treatment options. This enhanced experience enables each person to get matched with the right treatment for their circumstances, ultimately driving better health outcomes and lower medical costs.

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Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/evive-acquires-treatment-guidance-tool-wisertogether-300987954.html

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