JVs a Major Growth Engine for Hospices in 2024

Moving into 2024, more hospices see joint ventures or similar partnerships to be a major growth engine. Nearly half of 143 respondents to Hospice News’ 2024 Outlook Survey, conducted with Homecare Homebase, said that joint ventures and partnerships were the growth tactics they planned to pursue the most this year. More than 62% of the survey participants were c-suite leaders, vice presidents or directors. Collaborations and joint ventures are becoming more common in the hospice space as providers try to reach patients further upstream and diversify service lines. Joint ventures can also ease staffing strains across the care continuum, allowing the partners to pool clinicians to work across a variety of settings.

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Source: https://hospicenews.com/2024/01/10/jvs-a-major-growth-engine-for-hospices-in-2024

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