M&A Delays Amid COVID-19: Sources Talk Virus Impacts

As fear continues to circulate the market amid the coronavirus outbreak, PE investors, bankers and lenders are attempting to hash out how their deals and processes could be disrupted. It’s too soon to say how serious the reaction to COVID-19 will be, but through PE Hub’s conversations with dozens of sources, it’s clear that many sale processes poised to kick off will hit the pause button. One banker told PE Hub the impact of the coronavirus is industry specific. Anyone touching end-markets such as entertainment, travel, hospitality and energy are “stopped indefinitely,” the advisor said. On the other hand, another banker who advises healthcare companies said, “I don’t know of a company yet that is meaningfully impacted.”

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Source: https://www.pehub.com/ma-delays-amid-covid-19-sources-talk-virus-impacts

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