PDPM Pushes up Skilled Nursing Values in 2019

Skilled nursing values rebounded in 2019 to a near-record high of $93,000 per bed. That is still shy of the highest average value ever recorded ($99,200 per bed in 2016), when a number of high-quality, high-Medicare/private pay census transitional care facilities sold. But it was still a very strong year. Most in the industry never fathomed that average would ever approach $100,000 per bed, but it is true that excluding certain high-barrier-to-entry markets, traditional long-term care facilities with majority-Medicaid censuses should never really reach that value. The 2019 average was 20% higher than the $77,500 per bed average in 2018, likely driven by a lot of optimism surrounding the implementation of the “revenue-neutral” Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM).

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Source: https://seniorcare.levinassociates.com/2020/02/12/pdpm-pushes-up-skilled-nursing-values-in-2019

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