Pine Tree Equity Recapitalizes iCare Health Solutions

Pine Tree Equity IV, LP (“Pine Tree Equity”), a private equity firm based in Miami, FL, is pleased to announce that it has recapitalized iCare Health Solutions, LLC, iCare Health Options, Inc., Sidney J. Stern Visual Health Centers P.A. and Optilab, LLC (collectively “iCare” or the “Company”) in January 2020. The Company, founded in 1982 and headquartered in Miami, FL with an additional location in Tampa, FL, is a leading managed service provider for ophthalmology and optometry services in Florida. iCare serves over 1.2 million members and maintains a network of over 1,200 ophthalmology and optometry providers. The Company primarily provides vision benefits and network management services on an “at-risk” basis as well as under “non-risk” fee-for-service contracts.

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